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Samples of Content Types: Management Basics MIX OF ALL CONTENT TYPES

This is a mixture of management content which has been put together in one course to demonstrate the capabilities of TalentLMS, as well as our development team.

In this sample course, we will show how different types of content can operate on TalentLMS.
  • On-system text
  • Managing a Team
  • Documents
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Video
  • Video: Agile Decision Making
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Webinar Recording: Adobe Connect
  • Webinar Recording: The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Coaching and Mentoring (Webinar)
  • Team Building (Face-to-Face Session)
  • Responsive Content
  • The Power of Vision and Strategy
  • Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
  • Interactive e-learning content
  • Difficult Conversations Part 01
  • Difficult Conversations Part 01 Assessment
  • On-system Assessments
  • Leadership Quiz
  • Teamwork assignment
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed